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https://www.gmcconnachie.com (being updated at the moment but accessible)

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  • Hi Gordon,

    Happy 2012!

  • Gordon, thank you for your comments!! Now, we are writing sectorial reports to find competitiveness drivers. It will be interesting to present to the IC Practioners in a few months. On the field of HR, we are looking for benchmarks and indicators to improve our analysis. It's not an easy task! Feel free to contact us for more information on our project.

  • Dear Gordon,

    Many thanks for your very helpful information. My students had done some literature review on IC reporting principles, models, methodologies, frameworks, indicators for research institutions and research groups, they have proposed one for our research group for justification study and it is under testing and validating, I will ask your critical comments and advice some time later in February when the work finished.

  • Hi Gordon,

    thanks for inviting me and this interesting article. Would be nice to learn a bit more about your profile.

    Best regards


  • Hi Gordon- I look forward to interacting with you here. Given your rich experience, it would be great to hear a few stories at our project What Is the Future of IC? Mary
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