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  • Hi Jacob,
    If you allow me: in a certain context you are right tolook at intangibles - the valuation of intangibles - as a better long term investment for you yourself and clients. However, I think the social part will not vanish at goes hand in hand with KM, which is also one of the drivers for IC. So in the end we need this intrconnected world and that is also how we meet here. But I agree, ther are various levels of "social" and if you don't manage it, we get overwhelmed and in the end ... forget about tunring our intangible knowledge into useful know-how. Valuation is part of that process and thinking... a reson why IC will be taking an ever increasing role of importance in corporate, personal and social life.

    Welcome on board. I hope to read more from your experiences.
    Best regards,
  • I feel your pain - there are so many enticing options:) The topic of intangibles is compelling to me as I see it as more long-term than 'social'; just a hunch but I think social may have a shorter shelf life. We'll see...
  • Yes, I also just joined (just when I'd made a firm decision that I was in far too many communities and networks!)
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