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  • Joris- Nice to see you back! What are you up to these days?
  • Hi Joris,
    ECIC in Lisbon was a good show. Some interesting stuff being discussed. I just need to filter out the best papers. Hope you'll come on board for ECIC 2011 here in Nicosia. Cheers.
  • Hi Joris, thanks for your invitation! Looking forward to learning more and exploring our common interests.

    Best regards
  • Youtube
  • Hi Joris!

    Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to making your acquaintance.

  • I appreciate your four leaf model of IC. It does provide a holistic approach but the measuring of each function should be challenging. If I may be of assistance, please call on me.
  • Hi Joris - thanks for you note to me. I completely agree with everything you wrote re: social. My view is that 'social' is receiving all/most of the attention right now but that it is just one component of the intangibles that need to be addressed in organizations. By shelf-life I mean that I think the hype will die down a bit and hopefully create room for all intangibles to receive the attention they deserve.

  • Sorry about the delay in responding, Joris. Looking forward to "meeting" you after your contribution to Art's thread about renaming KM.
  • Great to find you here as well, Joris. Look forward to the exchange of ideas. John
  • Hi Joris,
    thank you for your invitation.
    I'll be very busy until the end of February and will join in the network and conversation with March more intensively.
    Have a good, successful time! :) Karin
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