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  • Would like to speak to you if possible



  • Hello Leif,

    Thank you for providing access to the report – unlocking the Digital Future through Open Innovation  - An Intellectual Capital Approach:  A critical analysis of open innovation as structural capital (Bruno M.Hoyer).  I enjoyed reading through the paper, leading to the following observations and inquiry.

    For me, the dominant theme emerging from the paper is the importance of collaboration in creating innovation (innovation arising from collective action of diverse actors).   

    While I acknowledge that the paper does explore the human capital and relationship capital aspects of IC and innovation (mostly under Section IV of the paper), there still appeared to be an overriding focus placed upon technological/IM enablers for collaboration.  In comparison the human ‘relational’ component of collaboration does not seem to attract the same attention, while the paper acknowledges that ‘Knowledge Management is strictly human driven, however largely enabled by effective Information Management’ – and that ‘Besides the innovation climate, partnership capabilities are essential to establish cooperation with third parties, which lies at the core of the open innovation paradigm’.  The ‘relational’ aspects of social capital appear to form the basis of the ‘organicsation’ descriptor attributed to Vallat (2009) in the report.


    Do you consider that the report underestimates or more accurately under represents the importance of the human relational (collaborative) competencies of the organisation (both HC and RC)?  And, do you believe this is common to the KM movement?


    Kind regards, Peter


  • ok, i will email your detail information to you
  • hello,Leif; I am David chan from mainland china, this year I invite you come here and take part in the 8th knowledge management forum, and give the speech about the IC. you come my company ,and talk about the IC collabration. now i want to translate your book into chinese, could you help me? 

  • I am working on the concept of intellectual capital management in small and medium enterprises. Dr. Leif Edvinsson is my mentor in the field of intellectual capital field. I want to materialized the concept of IC in SMEs
  • I like Leif Edvinsson. He is my mentor, I really impressed by him, He is genuine intellectual person.
    Muhammad Khalique
    PhD Student(ICM)
    University Malaysia Sarawak
  • I also have some students at Lund University writing their MBA thesis about Social media. It is evident that Social Media is a key to the refinement óf Relational Capital, as a key component for the Future of IC.
  • There are a couple of members of the ICKC, Jay Deragon and Dan Robles, who are doing really interesting work in the concept of social media as creating new markets and new currencies--interesting stuff!
  • Leif - Your question is a good one. Could you post it in the discussions area? Mary
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