Who are ICountants?

ICountant (TM) is a new title that was introduced by Smarter-Companies to describe people who have been trained in use of our open source and proprietary ICounts Tools. It’s an evolving skillset but here’s what the title means today:

  • An ICountant is capable of helping an organization on a journey of self-discovery of their intangible capital and then measuring it using stakeholder feedback.
  • An ICountant can connect the dots between the many functions of the modern business including operations, technology, supply chain management, human capital, marketing, sales and knowledge management.
  • An ICountant is not a substitute for an Accountant. It’s a complementary skillset. Nor is an ICountant a full-time job. In fact…
  • An ICountant may also bring deep experience with one or more kinds within intangible capital. The existing pool of ICountants already includes innovation, valuation, process, IT, transfer pricing, risk, non-profit and management consultants.

Intrigued? Check out our ICountant Directory and reach out to one of our ICountants around the world. Or explore the ICountant Training for yourself or your organization.

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