The healthcare industry has already had a rocky start in the US and UK in 2017, with political uncertainties and conflicting ideologies about privatisation and national healthcare. On top of this, there is a shortage of health and social care professionals who are currently in training or on the market for different jobs. Because of these shortages, potential funding cuts and the ongoing political uncertainty, the advancement of healthcare technology is becoming increasingly important. There are certain degrees to which technology can assist people in their everyday medical requirements. This can vary from customer facing technology and assistance, to healthcare professional replacement services. Here are three of the biggest ways that technology is helping and changing the healthcare industry…


Better and more accessible treatment:


Recent healthcare research has shown that there has been an increased accessibility to treatments and help with the introduction of customer facing technology and online assistance. This is a great help to patients who are unable to travel to the doctors practice and need help – in lieu of home visits or doctors’ visits, web chats and online conversations are being had – meaning a quicker and more efficient access to medication and treatment. New technology has also given medical researchers the resources to explore new avenues and make healthcare more driven and effective than it ever has been before.


Improved care and efficiency:


Patient care needs to be one of the biggest priorities for healthcare professionals, but with the previously mentioned shortages of people who are studying and practicing health and social care, home visits and regular care is becoming more stretched across the US and the UK. In lieu of these home visits, technology and devices such as the Grandcare system have been introduced into the market, to monitor patients and to assist with medication consumption and monitoring everyday activity. This not only partially solves the crisis of the healthcare professional shortage, but also allows individuals and elderly patients to regain a level of independence.


Because of the advancements, there are different avenues of healthcare treatments, options and advantages to explore. New technology assists and in some cases can even be a replacement for a healthcare professional.

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