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  • I replied to Paul's post from Switzerland about how we may influence the IIRC "implementation" discussions but have not heard back yet. I am still interested in how we go about a) the inclusion of intangibles as part of sustainability and b) how we might represent the value of the various intangible aspects. I had not forgotten that you and I were going to touch base at some point so I will contact you probably mid February. Thanks

  • Thanks Nick - It's frustrating isn't it that there isn't more discussion of the drivers of the numbers. I look forward to continuing our discussions here on how to change that!  Mary

  • Your deck is really good - focused and to the point. Great job Mary. I did an M&A course for the M.Sc. in Management Consulting in 2011 and 2012 at Grenoble, France and it was a revelation to the students that the most important aspect of M&A's was not the financial analysis but the cultural and intangible review.

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