Investors interest for NPSP Composieten BV relates to IC Rating Report.

NPSP Composieten BV is a composites manufacturer in the Netherlands. In a €800 million domestic market with about 200 companies, NPSP Composieten BV is market leader in manufacturing composites using 85% bio based materials. This is what they call Nature Based Composites: the NABASCO brand they have developed over the last 5 years. Learn more at: 

Almost two years ago, i2c delivered an Intellectual Capital Rating™ report based on stakeholder interviews (the extended method developed by Leif Edvinsson and ICAB, Sweden). This report stated the intellectual capital value on NPSP BV focussing on the efficiencies, renewal and risks.

The overall Intellectual Capital score of NPSP Composieten BV was satisfactory, even very good at IP and relational capital. Their main challenge was about experience in the Management Team, protecting their IP and moving towards new branches such as construction through marketing outside their common client groups.

In the Netherlands, today, commercial & investments banks, and even investments funds are criticized of lacking any initiative to support innovative technical and manufacturing companies. But NPSP Composieten BV (Financial Daily, Hans de Jongh, March 16th 2012) found new investors. Time to find out what precisely happened.  

Wanting to share the success, CEO Willem Bottger, explained. The IC Rating report was part of the complete set of due diligence files. But the report got the attention, and convinced a traditional bank, a business angel and a private equity investor who decided on an investment of 50% of the NPSP Composieten BV turnover of 2011. During the research period of this investment group, questions about the IC report where unfolding realistic growth and development issues that the management team had intervened upon since i2c research team had presented it. Every single risk and learning had been given follow-up. The reliability of the IC report was even after such a long time not questioned, the advantage for the investors with this kind of reporting was clear. As NPSP Composieten BV will grow the coming years, they plan to do a new IC Rating Research when turnover has doubled.

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  • Hi Mary,

    the 8th of May we will share our experience with the IC Practitioners group, 

    thank you for the opportunity, also on behalf of Willem Bottger (CEO NPSP Composieten BV).

  • Thanks Anne Marie - Maybe you and some of the managers can participate in our What Works in IC project?

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