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Eric Schmidt says it all...

Jay Deragon pointed out yesterday an interview with Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google about disruptive technologies. He opens by saying:

We’re going, in a single lifetime, from a small elite having access to information to essentially everyone in the world having access to all of the world’s information....It changes education. It changes the way intellectual property works, it changes the way businesses work, it changes the way the media works, on and on and on. We’re in the middle of that right now.

The story of intangible capital is wrapped up in this shift. Organizations have to be run differently as information, knowledge and connections multiply. The result will be an enormous wave of innovation unlike anything even that of the Industrial Revolution.

But this new world can be overwhelming and seemingly complex on the ground. Managers today lack basic tools to see the forest for the trees. We see ICounting as a simple way to begin to make sense of the rich potential of the intangible capital created by "everyone in the world having access to all of the world's information."

ICounts tools are a simple path to identifying and measuring the value created by organizations as they build offerings on top of this ubiquitous and powerful information flow. Now, more than ever, teams need a balance sheet to tell them what they have and what they can do with it.

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