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I have just published a paper with my co-author Elena Shakina about the changing role of IC during the economic crisis. 

This study has been carried out in our International Laboratory 'Intagible-driven Economy' (ID Lab). 

The paper investigates factors of corporate success over the crisis period of 2008–2009. We advocate the idea that investments in intangibles allow a company to be better off, even if the markets go down. We have analysed a sample of more than 300 companies which operate in developed and emerging European markets, and belong to traditional and innovative industries. The result is that there is a robust significant link between the companies’ investment decisions and their performance before and during the crisis. This study provides empirical evidence that investment restriction is not the best response to an economic recession.

If you are interested you can download the paper at It is open to everybody.

I hope that the study result of interest and we would appreciate any comment.

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