My work on IC

Hi Mary, in answer to your question, my work on IC consists of academic studies, from a background of 12 years in KM consulting in Asia:

(1) Empirical study to disaggregate IC into its components (see my presentation in a 2008 KM conference in Kuala Lumpur which looks into cognitive and affective factors affecting work performance).

(2) Village-level studies showing that success of anti-poverty projects primarily arises from investment in intangible assets by the community (see Knowledge for Poverty Alleviation)

(3) Developing new frameworks for IC applied to the social sector:

3.1 - Expanding the concept of IC to "metacapital": KM conference at Singapore Management University:

3.2 - Paper read at the 2009 ICKM in Hongkong: "An expanded IC framework for evaluating social enterprise innovations"

3.3 - Presentation at the Global IC Summit in 2009 in Beijing: "Defining value for the social development sector" and 2009 Global Summit on Consumption Capital in Beijing: "Exploration of variants of consumer and employee ownership schemes."

3.4 - New trends on treatment of stakeholder capital."CSR and emergent models in management of stakeholder capital in Philippine conglomerates."

(4) I also made a rather bold estimate of global IC stock and the % of Gross World Product from intangible assets in my KM blog: "Towards a global balance sheet" and "Refining estimation of global stock of knowledge assets"



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  • Thank you Apin- Lots to digest here. I look forward to reading these! Are you planning to attend ICICKM in November? I am organizing a mini-track on moving IC into the business mainstream....

    I'll also send you a fried invitation so we can message each other directly. Thanks!
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