Why Smarter Companies?

10468393082?profile=originalI’m a little obsessed about the untapped intangible capital inside organizations. This IC represents potential growth, innovation and the prosperity we crave for our communities. But it often lies fallow because management and even the employees themselves fail to understand their collective power.

That’s why I started a blog named Smarter Companies back in 2008 and why I chose the name for the new company I launched in January of 2013. Why Smarter Companies? Because I have seen first hand the power that is unleashed: When organizations see their knowledge and connections as assets. When organizations support sharing and learning and collaborating inside and outside the walls of their org.

There is a huge need for innovation and change inside companies today. If we are going to do something about it, the first step has to be really practical. That’s why we are offering a number of tools (most of them open source) to answer simple questions:

  • How important are intangibles to the future of your organization?
  • What are your unique intangibles?
  • How do they combine to create value for your customers and stakeholders?
  • How well does this system work? Where are the opportunities for improvement and monetization?

These are the basic questions that an organization needs to get started with the task of managing for maximum intangible value—and to become a smarter company.

Hope you will visit our site, check out the community, the tools, the marketplace and join our mission to make every company as smarter company.

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