Thank you for all who participated in the rich discussions in this community! We are not currently active but for good reasons. Our movement is making incredible progress. Key concepts around intangible capital have been incorporated into the work of the integrated reporting and thinking movement, now part of the IFRS.  I recommend that you participate in this process as well as in the Integrated Reporting U.S. Community.

My work has largely moved to Insights7, an exciting software company I co-founded to support companies with the important work of optimizing financial, intangible and ESG performance.  The Insights7 platform systemizes many of the important methodologies I developed around sustainable value creation and the multi-capital model.  The goal is profit and prosperity. It's the only thing that makes sense in the long term.

Please check out our work at Insights7, Thank you, Mary Adams

This is the book that started it all in 2010.
Please check out how we've operationalized these ideas in the Insights7 Platform