Integrated Value Creation – Part 2


Part 1 of this series examined the origins and implications of the fact that 87% of corporate value is essentially an “intangible information gap” and how this relates to the integrated reporting movement led by the IIRC.

Here in Part 2, this thinking is shown in action by referencing examples from public company reports and describing the integrated reporting approach taken by a network of professional associations.

You’ll learn a four-step process for integrated management and reporting:

  • Matter – How to identify key capitals of an organization
  • Measure – The three major types of measurement and how to use this in an integrated report
  • Model – Approaches to modelling the connections between the capitals and corporate value creation
  • Manage – How integrated data promotes learning and continuous improvement

This approach helps tell a consistent, holistic story to shareholders and stakeholders. The paper also includes a summary of the benefits of an integrated management approach beyond just reporting.


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