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ICountsTM Graphs


The ICounts Graphs is a proprietary diagnostic platform used by consultants to help their clients drive corporate profits, growth, performance and value. 

10468404673?profile=originalThis tool was created by Smarter-Companies and is used by our ICountant partners around the world. It is customized using an inventory of the specific intangibles driving the success of the organization. Stakeholders from inside and outside the organization rate each of these assets using a familiar five-point scale such as this example of a rating of key processes in a software and service company.

The results are summarized across 10-12 categories of organizational intangibles using three different views to answer critical questions about your intangibles: 

10468404094?profile=originalHow well do our intangibles meet the expectations of our stakeholders and/or compare with our peers?


What are our key strengths and weaknesses?

10468405461?profile=originalWhat can we do to improve?

The process takes 4-6 weeks and provides benefits that include: 

  • New perspective on your company – For the first time you’ll have tangible information about the intangibles that drive 80% of value and 100% of competitive advantage in companies today.
  • It’s all about you – The process and report is highly customized to your company. It focuses on what makes your business unique and what you need to be successful.
  • Data you trust – The findings are based on interviews with internal and external stakeholders that have known you for years and can provide accurate, reliable judgments.
  • Holistic view – While you’ll get lots of detail, you’ll also be able to see the big picture view of how your business fits together—a view you can use internally for better decisions and externally for better communication with bankers, investors and acquirers.
  • Connects with your industry – The data compares you with your peer group. This helps you understand value and performance the way the market does—in relationship to comparable companies.
  • Shows the path to growth and value – The last step in the process is the creation of action plans for increased revenues, profits and valuation, creating the momentum and confidence to make it happen.

Case studies are available for software, service, healthcare, technology and non-profit organizations.


Why do companies use the ICounts Graphs?

  • Grow revenues and profits through innovation, performance and growth strategies
  • Win financing from bankers and investors
  • Diagnose core operations
  • Find new ways to monetize your knowledge
  • Understand the intangible drivers of financial results
  • Increase corporate value
  • Plan successful mergers and acquisitions


Why do consultants use the ICounts Graphs?

  • Become trusted advisors by being the first to introduce the client to this novel, unique and powerful information set
  • Get faster diagnosis using a customized yet cost-effective automated tool
  • Develop a clear path to success and improved results
  • Focus on higher value work to fix the organization's underlying challenges/opportunities

For a sample report or more information on ICounts, please contact us by email or phone at 781-729-9650.

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