Building Corporate Value

What’s driving the value of your company? It's probably not hard assets like equipment or buildings. Yet these are the tangible assets that are the focus of the accounting and management systems used to justify the valuation of your business.

The world is different today. The drivers of valuation and financial success have changed and your measures need to change too. The ICounts Graphs were created by Smarter-Companies to do just that and provide you with:

  • Powerful Inventory of the key intangibles driving the value of your company
  • 360-Degree Assessment of these intangibles by the external and internal stakeholders who are key to your success
  • High-Impact Graphs backed up by a detailed report that show the overall health of your organization which helps you control the conversation about the key assumptions driving the financial analysis of your business.

You can use the Graphs to make better decisions internally by connecting the dots among all the parts of your organization that affect your valuation including human capital, IP, knowledge, customers, markets.

You can also use the Graphs to tell your story to potential investors and acquirers. These players will draw their own conclusions about the strength of your intangibles.

Why not control the conversation and get credit for the value you have built?

The ICounts Graphs tell the story of the value of your organization and how to improve it over time. The process takes 4-6 weeks and will change how your company gets valued.

Interested in more information and a sample report? Please contact us by email or phone at 781-729-9650.

Interested in more information and a sample report? Please contact us by email or phone at 781-729-9650.  - See more at:
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