Smarter-Companies Founder, Mary Adams, speaks frequently to spread the word about how to think, manage and communicate about long term growth and value creation that benefits both the corporation and its ecosystem. Expertise includes intangible capital strategies, integrated thinking and reporting.

Traditional Keynotes - I have delivered traditional keynotes in venues as varied as a Microsoft conference in Europe, SWIFT Innotribe meeting in the Middle East, Innovation Club of Santiago Chile, an IC conference in Hong Kong and countless appearances here in the U.S. My topics focus on the intersection between intangible capital, technology, sustainability and innovation. What are your hidden assets and liabilities? How are you ensuring the sustainability of your company, your community and the environment?  How can you make your value creation system visible to people like investors, bankers and customers? How can you measure and manage them to drive growth and innovation? How to drive shareholder value by focusing on stakeholder value?

Value Creation Workshops - Where it’s appropriate, I love to do workshops where I don’t just talk about the multiple capitals driving value creation—I use simple exercises to help people see the hidden potential of their own organizations using open tools that are available for download and re-use. These workshops teach people how to create integrated inventories of key assets like purpose, people, property (both digital and tangible), partners and planet. It also shows them ways to create measurement systems that help them tell the stories externally and make better decisions internally.

Integrated Thinking for Profit and Prosperity - One important theme right now is integrated reporting and the integrated thinking behind it. This is an important new movement that is showing companies and their stakeholders how to approach business holistically--taking into account purpose, people, partners, property and planet in an integrated way. A related theme is the stakeholder measurement we use in my community—think Amazon reader ratings meet corporate reporting. The bottom line for this perspective is both profit and prosperity.

I'd welcome the opportunity to explore with you how to put together an inspiring, action-oriented program about next generation management! 

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