Smarter-Companies was launched in January 2013 but its roots go back many years to Mary Adams' work helping companies with integrated approaches to manage, measure and communicate their financial and non-financial value creation.

We work directly with companies, having supported dozens of value creation and management consulting engagements in the software, services, non-profit and healthcare industries. The focus of our work is very practical: how to use a holistic view to increase performance and value.  We also train internal and external consultants in the theory and practice of integrated value management. To date, we have trained more than 40 consultants on five continents.

Our website is also the home of a community that Mary founded in 2006 which was originally called the IC Knowledge Center. The community includes experts in intangible capital, integrated reporting, innovation, risk management, valuation, transfer pricing, accounting, intellectual property, engineering, technology and management consulting. This diverse community is a living indicator of the fact that while we all have deep expertise in certain areas, the complexity of today’s world drives the need (and a longing by many) for ways to think and act with an eye to the whole system.

This systemic thinking is the goal of our work.

We hope to help every company increase and use their smarts to drive both profits and prosperity.

(Our name came from Mary’s long-time blog called Smarter Companies)

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