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With the rapid growth of information technologies, markets change continually and ideas can spread globally in an instant. Companies can easily lose their competitive advantage and market position. In this quickly changing environment, your best defense is your unique set of core strengths.


What is Intellectual Capital Management?

“Intellectual Capital Management,” the next standard of the management, defines intellectual capital as the core set of a company’s strengths. With “Intellectual Capital Management”, a company can establish a growth strategy that leverages its unique strengths.




What is IC Rating™?

IC Rating™ – a comprehensive way of visualizing intellectual capital of the company

Developed in Sweden, licensed into more than 20 countries and regions around the world, IC Rating serves as one of the most comprehensive assessment tools for management consultants to collect essential first-hand information in a holistic manner about the current and future potential of a client’s business.




Case Introduction

IC Rating™ is one of the most comprehensive corporate analysis tools which brings together various perceptions of different stakeholders. Obviously, the perception of the different stakeholders varies from category to category (management to employee, division to division, customer segment to segment etc.) Below, please find some cases which used IC Rating™ as the critical information source.



Case 1) Change management / PMI / Revitalizing / Motivating


Client type

Major Home Appliance Manufacturer

Client Needs

(1)     Visualizing/sharing of growth strategy as well as issues

(2)     Establish new corporate culture/value

(3)     Unite employees’ heart and drive the change


Two historic companies merged to create unrivaled competitive advantage in the industry. New CEO strongly believed that the establishment of new corporate value is the critical aspect for business success.


IC Rating™ + Corporate Value Handbook + Employee Workshop

IC Rating™ Contribution

IC Rating™ unveiled latent problems which were preventing them from reaching consensus and uniting as one.

Results in brief

(1)     Employees united under HITACHI APPLIANCE-WAY and their perceptions were aligned

(2)     Succeeded in establishing dominant position (No. 1 or No. 2) for five major home appliances. Sales increased by 160% in FY2010.



Case 2) HR Assessment / HR Training / Talent Management


Client type

Leading Building and Construction Material Manufacturer

Client Needs

Identify next generation management candidates as well as development and installation of new HR evaluation system


5 specialized companies merged to form an industry giant with a full product range. New management team was needed to integrate the cultures.


Customized IC Rating™ - Human Capital Rating + System design consultation

IC Rating™ Contribution

Customized IC Rating unveiled true evaluation of the candidates by illustrating the perception gap between him/herself and his/her stakeholders (boss, colleagues, subordinates, business partners etc.) along with the strength/challenge diagnose for each.

Results in brief

(1)     Established new HR evaluation system for management and installed successfully

(2)     Developed definition of “client-specific Leadership” using ICM framework

(3)     Provided Next-generation Leader Map™



Case 3) Appropriate M&A Strategy / Organic Growth


Client type

Major Power and Electricity Company

Client Needs

Business Due Diligence


Major power and electricity company was considering M&A as part of their business expansion plan


IC Rating + Customized Report

IC Rating™ Contribution

IC Rating™ successfully illustrated both the current and the future potential of the business in holistic manner.

Results in brief

(1)     IC Rating could identify the hidden risk for human capital and the business processes of the company which trendy due diligence approach may have missed.

(2)     Provided helpful information to support the right decision about M&A.

(3)     Client decided NOT to go for M&A and probably avoided the significant losses that a failed deal would have generated.


Please contact us for further detail about IC Rating and its usage. There are several customized versions depending on your specific needs. Looking forward to hearing from you,


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