10850167_739091659510172_1151993077748996155_n.jpg?oh=f17ce6f51f42373ece2af9ccbd221e95&oe=5510451A&width=350I had the opportunity to Skype into several sessions  of a wonderful program put on by SmarterCo partner Melanie Sutton of i-innovate in South Africa  (including the recent closing session seen in this Facebook album)

The program was called i-mix and included students at the beginning of their careers. Melanie used the intangible capital framework to guide them on how to think holistically about developing their purpose, skills and relationships. While I was on the line, the students went around the table and shared some of the things they learned. I jotted down quick notes so these paraphrase a few of the comments but you’ll get the gist:

  • I came here expecting to be given answers but realized that what IC teaches us is to explore and think for ourselves. We create the answers.
  • You cannot be innovative without an environment that sparks innovation.
  • Work is not a job description. It’s a team sport.
  • Culture and collaboration go hand in hand. You can’t bee collaborative without a good culture.

Changing business is hard when you focus on people who have been doing things in the same way for decades. These young people can’t help but be agents of change as they go out into the workforce. Thank you Melanie!

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