MIT's list of the top 50 smartest companies

MIT Technology Review just published their list of the smartest top 50 companies for 2014.

Here's the list.

The criteria for the list is not the typical nonsense used such as the number of patents or PhD's on staff but whether the innovation being done by the company is a game changer (a radical innovation) that will change an industry. The company at the top of the list is Illumina which is doing radical innovation to drive down the price of DNA sequencing to a level that will change the practice of medicine.

The interesting question is then - How does intangible capital fit in the criteria? My answer is that a special specific type of intangible capital is the essential part of the capability to  do radical innovation. For example, measurement and development of intangible capital that supports radical innovation are two of the twelve principles of the fourth generation (4G) of innovation management.

Integrated Reporting (IR) is the new international project to upgrade financial accounting to measure innovation and intangible capital. It would be great if IR could produce a list that was similar to the MIT top 50.

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  • Thanks Bill for pointing this out - Smart Companies. How could I not love it? MIT is doing our work for us!

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